Section 890.720  Drinking Fountains


a)         Design and Construction.  Drinking fountains shall conform to the standard Specifications for Drinking Fountains (ARI 1010-1985 or ASME/ANSI A.112.19.2M-1990).  No modification of the mouth guard or nozzle shall be made.  (See Appendix F:  Illustration E.)


b)         Protection of the Water Supply.


1)         All drinking fountain nozzles, including those which may at times extend through a water surface, with an orifice not greater than 7/16 or 0.440 of an inch diameter or 0.150 square inches area, shall be placed so that the lower edge of the nozzle orifice is at an elevation at least ¾ of an inch above the flood level rim of the receptacle.


2)         The ¾ inch elevation shall also apply to nozzles with more than one orifice, provided that the sum of the area of all orifices shall not exceed the area of a circle 7/16 of an inch in diameter or shall not exceed 0.150 square inches area.


3)         The nozzle shall be set at an angle from vertical such as to prevent the return of water in the jet to the orifice.


c)         Material.  The fountain shall be constructed of impervious materials such as vitreous china, porcelain, enameled cast iron, stainless steel, or other metals or stoneware.  (See Section 890.610.)


d)         Flow Regulator.  The water supply for the drinking fountain shall be provided with an adjustable valve fitted with a loose key stop or an automatic valve regulating the rate of flow of water through the fountain so that the valve manipulated by the user of the fountain will merely turn the water on or off.


e)         Installation and Location.  Drinking fountains shall not be installed as an integral part of or connected to any other plumbing fixture, such as a lavatory or sink, nor shall a drinking fountain be installed in a restroom or toilet room, except those in correctional facilities.


f)          Substitution.  Whenever a drinking fountain is required by this Part, bottled drinking water or a water dispensing faucet (water station) may be substituted for a drinking fountain, provided drinking water is accessible to the public.  When bottled drinking water is provided in lieu of a drinking fountain, the bottled water used must be commercially sealed in accordance with the Bottled Water Act  [815 ILCS 310] or must comply with the Department's Public Area Sanitary Practice Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 895).


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(Source:  Amended at 28 Ill. Reg. 4215, effective February 18, 2004)